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Manage Employee Work Schedules with Snap Schedule

Easy, No-Conflict Scheduling - Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Time Off & Attendance

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Scheduling Basics

Build employee work schedules from the framework

To create work schedules, simply assign your employees to the corresponding shifts in the schedule plan. Do this using information on employee availability, skills, labor rates, and the required number of employees for each time period. The goal here is to build the best possible schedule that matches the number of employees scheduled to the ideal number of employees required while satisfying labor rules and employee preferences as much as possible. The employee characteristics that should be considered when assigning employees include seniority, skills required for the different positions being scheduled, planned time-off days, restrictions on the minimum and maximum work hours, and employee preferences. You should set up a hierarchy for these constraints so you know which one will take precedence when there are conflicting constraints.

Publish, monitor and adjust work schedules as required

With Snap Schedule software, printing and publishing daily roster and work assignment calendars requires just a few mouse clicks. E-mailing work schedules is a quick way to distribute the schedules and alerts to your employees.

Continual review and refinement of the planned schedule are often needed due to last minute changes in business demand and employee availability. When an employee calls in sick, you need to be able to quickly bring in on-call employees or locate a substitute with the same qualification. Likewise, when the actual business demand falls below what was predicted, you should evaluate the cost impact and re-assign the affected employees or send them home.

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